Monday, 6 April 2009

Make Do And Mend!

I’ve already mentioned the ‘Make Do And Mend’ video in my telegram about Recycling Clothes. Well, here are some more tips!

Try making the most of your existing wardrobe by customizing or adapting clothes to fit current trends, and repair items that are in need of a new button or zip. And if you’re ready to clear your wardrobe, why not organise a clothes-swapping party with your friends? As a last resort, you could see if your local charity shop will take them.

If you’ve got clothes that need mending, make sure you do this before you wash them – washing can often make damage worse.

Don’t throw your clothes down in a heap when you take them off – they’ll last longer if you shake them well and put them straight on hangers, as well as keeping their shape! The thicker and rounder the hanger, the better. Make sure any buttons are done up too, before you put them on the hanger.

Never let clothes get really dirty, as dirt damages the fabric – clean or wash clothes as soon as they get dirty. Dirt attracts moths!

Hope these are helpful – more tips to come!

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