Friday, 20 March 2009

Hello m' dears!

Mrs Sew&Sew here, reporting from the home front in 1943! The nice people at the Imperial War Museum (yes, it's even around in our day) have given me a special typewriter, so I can send you telegrams from here. Don't worry, we've set it up so your replies get sent through to me as well, so feel free to have a chat!

I've got no idea how this technology works, though. It's all a big mystery to me. I just type stuff in here, and it gets sent to 2009. I don't even have to turn a handle. So I might not be able to answer any questions about how all this works, but I'll do my best anyway.

So, a little bit of information about myself. The other women in our street and I spend a lot of time thinking up ways to save money and make the most of our rations and other scarce resources. We've got to – there's a war on, after all! Anyway, someone at the Ministry of Information heard about this, and they've asked me to share our ideas with everyone. So that's what I do. The campaign is called 'Make Do and Mend', and I appear in all sorts of magazines and advice centres.

I've heard there's some kind of problem with the banks in 2009, so maybe some of these ideas will come in handy there too. Do let me know if you have any great ideas I can pass onto my neighbours. Or even if they're not relevant in my time, let me know anyway, and I'll pass them back to all the lovely people in your time.

Oh, one last thing! I've been asked to let you know that the people at the Imperial War Museum have created something called a "Youtube channel" for film. If I find anything interesting here that I think would be good there, I'll ask the Museum if they can add them to my telegrams. All very clever, isn't it?

Right, better go – it's dusk, so all the lights need to be turned off for the blackout. Bye for now!

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